About Us

Our Mission and vision

Pleasant Valley School district believes that all children can learn. We are committed to providing a safe and orderly environment with positive experiences to give all students the best possible education; to educate all students to lead productive, satisfying, and responsible lives now and in the future.

We will provide the students of Pleasant Valley:

  • a safe, secure, and positive learning environment, both physically and emotionally.

  • consistent instruction that creates a positive sense of accomplishment.

  • a clean and quiet, disciplined atmosphere that is conducive to both mental and physical health.

  • communication and involvement of family based on honesty and trust.

Our Philosophy of Education

We believe that all students should be provided the opportunity to realize their potential; and we believe that the primary function of the schools is in preparing each student to make a positive and responsible contribution to the society in which he/she lives, as well as in preparing him/her to realize and share in the benefits of that society.